How to Build a Mining Rig

Courtesy of Volcano_T-Rex on Reddit

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Step 1

Take two 22" pieces & sandwich two 14" pieces between them. Affix the corner braces in this horizontal manner if you don't plan on stacking cases.

Step 2

Take four 12" pieces & attach them to the bottom so far. I strongly recommend pre-drilling through the bottom & into the 12" pieces so you don't risk splitting the wood. The dowel material is poplar wood & the lineal feet 1" material is pine wood. Although it's significantly stronger than 3/4" material it still has a chance to split while running #8 thick screws into it.

Step 3

Make another assembled piece like in Step 1 & attach to the top. Again, make sure you pre-drill from the top into the 12" legs to avoid splitting the wood.

Step 4

Attach two more 12" pieces 3.5" from the four vertical support legs.

Step 5

Attach two 9.5" cross legs as shown above, the bottom of the 1" material should be 6" from the bottom of the case. Attach the back 20" cross leg as shown above, the bottom of the 1" material should be at 9.5", with the pre-drill hole shown above at 10".

Step 6

Attach 20" cross leg to middle of vertical side braces, the bottom of the 1" material should be 6" from the bottom of the case. Attach the three 14" pieces on the bottom assembly, with spacing shown above. You may need to relocate these if you have a smaller form factor motherboard for some reason. Attach the 6" cross piece on the bottom assembly, spacing depends on how large your PSU is. Lastly flip the case upside down & nail in nylon feet, making sure you avoid screws in frame.

Step 7

Screw down motherboard at green-colored locations with #6x1/2" Panhead Screws on bottom pieces of case, make sure you put spacers/rubber washers/other cushioning between the motherboard & wood to cushion underlying solder contacts. Apply double-sided tape or velcro strips at purple-colored locations for PSU & SSD.

Step 8

Finish installing remaining computer parts, screw graphics cards down at green-colored locations, hook up all power cables, peripheral cables, etc & start mining :D make sure your cable management isn't crap like in my rig lol

If this was helpful to you I'll never say no to donations as it took me at least 6-7 hours to plan, design, research cost-effective products at one location, cut, assemble, & write up a tutorial for this case design. Here's my ETH address:


I wanted to contribute to r/EtherMining because this has been a great resource for me, filled with lots of very friendly & helpful people. Thanks everyone!