Mining Rig Materials List

Courtesy of Volcano_T-Rex on Reddit

Blueprint w/ Grid
Dark Blue Grid Lines = 1"
Cyan Grid Lines = 1/2"

Assembled Rig
Hey guys, I haven't really seen a walkthrough Reddit tutorial on how to build a GPU miner, at least not one that's configurable & stackable like this one. It is roughly based off HighOffCoins' design but I didn't like how his wasn't stackable & lacked some additional design features I think are worth implementing. There are a few components you could do without which I've noted in the descriptions below. If you have any questions at all on components/construction don't hesitate to PM me, I'd be more than willing to help you!

Image of Rough Materials
I apologize in advance for this image not having proper shown amounts of 1" dowel material & screws needed for mother board missing. The case design evolved slightly during assembly & tbh a lot of the materials on this list I had spare amounts of with torn open or no packaging. Anyways, here's the materials list...

Materials List:

SKU 477709 - 1"x1"x36" Hardwood Square Dowel - 11 @ $3.35/ea
You could get away with only 10 if you don't plan on putting side fan rail on front of rig. I decided to put 3 Noctua NF-A20 200mm fans in it. They move over 100 square cubic feet/min & are only 18dB, you actually hear the cards more than the fans. They're spendy at $30/pop but I sunk $3k into the video cards & they've dropped my temps ~7C across the board & only use .96 Watts each so quite energy efficient compared to box fans or other tabletop fans.

SKU 213600 - 1"x1" Pine Moulding - 9.5" @ $2.57/linear foot
This is so you don't have to buy a 12th piece of the 36" long pre-cut pieces. You could try to get away with this if you wanted to strike the 9.5" pieces from the case to save weight but I think they add a bit more strength to the case, especially if you carry the case against your stomach to move it. We're talking like $2 of material, don't be a cheapskate :P

SKU 189020 - 7/8" Nylon Glide - 1 @ $1.87/ea
These are so you can have slightly better cable management/airflow. You could get away without them if you'd like but I think it's nice to have the CPU power cable, monitor, mouse, keyboard cables, etc. run underneath the miner instead of them getting blasted by head & possibly impeding airflow under the cards. I think it also helps for heat ventilation under the motherboard, as the motherboard gets quite hot if you're overclocking 6 GPUs & dual mining.

SKU 163518 - 1-1/2" Satin Brass Corner Brace (4-Pack) - 2 @ $2.98/ea
You could get away without these but I think they add a lot of strength to the case, & when you've got 3 pieces you're trying to screw together that gets dicey because it's so easy to hit the other screws & potentially split the wood. I used these horizontally to add strength while carrying the case but you could use them on vertical pieces to reinforce it better for stacking. If I stacked rigs though I would get some light weight sheet metal & nail that to the bottom as a heat shield, then nail the feet into the sheet metal to secure it. You could get crafty & get a piece to just cover the half just under the GPUs really.

SKU 479666 - #6x1-5/8" Philips Head Course Thread Drywall Screws - 1lb box @ $5.47/ea
This box contains ~192 screws so it should build a lot of mining rigs if needed. You could get smaller 4-packs for slightly cheaper if you're really trying to pinch pennies.

SKU 807081 - #6-2" Philips Flathead Wood Screws - 1 @ $1.18/ea
Used to mount the 200mm fans, you could get two packs if you making a middle rail to run 4 screws into each fan instead of just the 2 I went with. I'm cheap.

SKU 922971 - #6x1/2" Panhead Wood Screws (8 Pack) - 1 @ 1.18/ea
Used to mount the motherboard to the case. I'd recommend getting some rubber washers as well so you don't damage solders underneath the board. I chose to use some old 1/16" thick rubber sheeting lying around the house that I use to mount pipe clamps & accessories to my bicycle with, all sorts of uses for it.

SKU 783600 - 7/8" Velcro Sticky Back Squares (12 Pack) - 1 @ $2.93/ea
Used to affix SSD & PSU to case. If you don't want them to be removable & have a better hold you could get heavy duty double-sided tape as well for pretty much the same price. I just used some spare double-sided tape I had. You could also use large zip times instead to hold them down but I think that looks janky.